Choosing My Path and Embracing the PhD

Dear friends and fellow adventurers, I am thrilled to share a momentous decision that marks the next chapter in my academic journey: after careful consideration and heartfelt deliberation, I have chosen to accept the PhD position at CISPA under the esteemed guidance of Professor Andreas Zeller.

This decision was not made lightly, as I have been incredibly fortunate to receive offers for PhD stipends from seven different institutions—a testament to the trust and confidence placed in me by the academic community. I am deeply grateful to each and every one of these institutions for considering me as a potential PhD student.

However, ultimately, it was the unparalleled opportunity to join the research group at CISPA and work alongside Professor Andreas Zeller that captured my heart and ignited my passion for the future.

I am profoundly honored and humbled by the trust and interest shown in me as a potential PhD student. To all those who believed in me, supported me, and offered me opportunities along the way, I extend my deepest gratitude. Your faith in my abilities has been a source of inspiration and motivation, propelling me forward on this remarkable journey.

As I embark on this new chapter, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and excitement for the adventures that lie ahead. To my future colleagues at CISPA, I cannot wait to collaborate, learn, and grow alongside you. And to Professor Andreas Zeller, thank you for this incredible opportunity—I am truly honored to be a part of your research group and to contribute to the groundbreaking work being done at CISPA.

Here’s to embracing the challenges, seizing the opportunities, and charting a course towards a future filled with discovery, innovation, and endless possibilities. Together, let us push the boundaries of knowledge and make meaningful contributions to the world of cybersecurity research.






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