Honours Master’s Dissertation

With immense pride and a heart brimming with excitement, I stand at the culmination of a remarkable chapter in my educational odyssey. Today marks the official completion of my master’s degree, and I am honored to share that I’ve graduated with the honours distinction in my master’s thesis, achieving a perfect score of 10.0!

This journey has been one of discovery, growth, and relentless pursuit of knowledge. The focal point of my master’s thesis has been pioneering an innovative approach to intelligent chatbot generation, centered around the concept of information reuse. By harnessing the potential of knowledge databases, we’ve laid the groundwork for an optimized mass production of domain-specific chatbots. This is just the beginning, and the path ahead is filled with exciting opportunities to refine and expand on these groundbreaking ideas.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my exceptional family whose unwavering support has been my bedrock throughout this journey. A special appreciation goes to my esteemed advisors, David Benavides and Jordi Cabot, whose guidance and wisdom have been instrumental in shaping my work. To my colleagues and classmates who have shared this road with me, thank you for the camaraderie and collaboration that enriched this experience.

This master’s degree has opened doors to a realm of knowledge encompassing artificial intelligence, machine learning, language processing, and beyond. Armed with these insights, I’m ready to embark on the next phase of my education, embracing new horizons and challenges that lie ahead.





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