Leveraging Domain Artifacts and Product Line Engineering

Chatbots are increasingly popular tools across various sectors, thanks to their ability to automate customer interactions and alleviate workload pressures. However, a significant challenge persists: the lack of practical means to reuse domain information to streamline chatbot development. Addressing this issue head-on, our latest paper, presented at SISTEDES’23, introduces a groundbreaking solution to optimize chatbot generation through the reuse of domain artifacts and the application of product line engineering techniques.

In our research, we propose a tool that facilitates the seamless reuse of crucial domain information, such as user intents, natural language processing agents, and other key features outlined in the paper. By integrating these components into chatbots, our approach significantly accelerates development processes while enhancing the quality and effectiveness of resulting conversational agents.

By leveraging product line engineering principles, our methodology enables developers to create chatbots tailored to specific domains with unparalleled efficiency. This not only reduces development time but also ensures consistency and scalability across different chatbot applications within an organization or across various clients.

Our paper represents a significant step forward in the field of chatbot development, offering a practical solution to a longstanding challenge. As businesses increasingly rely on chatbots to streamline customer interactions, our approach promises to revolutionize how these conversational agents are conceptualized, developed, and deployed.





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